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Some might be surprised to know that trust is a huge concern for people that shop online. It's my company's responsibility today to help e-commerce stores do a better job at creating relationships with their customers by providing fun ways for them to shop that are simpler, clearer and more transparent. At QUE-UE we take this responsibility seriously. Our goal is to help e-commerce stores build and maintain trust with their customers via a community of online shoppers who share their experiences with each other. This community is authentic, honest and eager to use their voice. We want the very best to happen in the space with a ant-fake review spirit that challenges the crowdsourced review environment we know.

Before founding QUE-UE, I worked for more than seven years in e-commerce. I oversaw and worked with 13 stores that generated over one million dollars in revenue per year. I had the amazing opportunity to work on the ground floor with customers to improve their experience while also dealing in partnerships, operations and accomplishing great feets in developing stores that offered great products and services. But a year ago, I found myself frustrated by what I was seeing in the e-commerce space. Customers were not being heard but were being sold to, how is that possible?

From that point on, seeing e-commerce as a big opportunity to get products and services into the hands of people across the globe became a passion of mine. Best of all, I wanted to do the work necessary to connect online retailers to their customers in a more intimate way to help them build great relationships and have long lasting customers.

We're creating a radical difference in the way you shop online by offering value in your experience. Giving you information beforehand that will impact your buying decision.

Take your time, browse the different sections of our site and I believe that you will come away with a good feel of what QUE-UE is all about. We'd like to thank our friends and family for their support and unwavering encouragement as we grow this site into the one-stop directory you need to improve your experience shopping online. If theres an online store you'd like to see in our directory, please let me know.